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Country-life combined with our passion for good food and fresh and tasty products, inspired the foundation of the WURSTEREI. CURRYWURST is a traditional, beloved and famous Berlin dish. 

The Idea was to create this typical, local meal in an unmatched quality. Our guests should enjoy their Berlin CURRYWURST without any bad conscious.

With diligence and love for details, we set new standards in respect of taste, quality, friendliness and design.

We’ve picked the best German cuisine ingredients to develop our own, individual recipes for sausages, sauces and spices.  You can take it for granted that we only use fresh and regional products and we never use MSG.
Our friendly Grill Masters will serve you “Currywurst at its best! - Welcome to the WURSTEREI

Our Offer

Fresh from
the Wursterei

Berliner Currywurst
(with or without skin) with freshly baked bread
Thüringer Rostbratwurst
in a roll
Berliner Boulette
with freshly baked bread

Wursterei Menu

Classic Menu
Berliner Currywurst (with or without skin) + French Fries + one drink (Softdrink, beer, with or without alcohol) with sauce and onions of your choice
XXL Menu
2 Berliner Currywurst (with or without skin) + French Fries + one drink (Softdrink, beer, with or without alcohol) with sauce and onions of your choice
French Fries
From fresh potatoes with sea salt

Choose your favourite Sauce

Homemade Currysauce Berlin-Style
Homemade spicy Currysauce Berlin-Style
0,30 €

Choose your favourite curry powder

Curry Mumbai x
fruity and mild, suitable for children

Curry Kashmir x x
firm and aromatic
Curry Goa x x x
a real rabble-rousers
Curry Dragon x x x x
extremely hot but fruity

Choose your favourite mustard

Wursterei mustard classic
Curry mustard from the Berlin mustard manufactory
0,20 €
Fig mustard from the Berlin mustard manufactory
0,20 €
Jalapeño mustard from the Berlin mustard manufactory
0,20 €

Choose your sauce on the fries

Tomato ketchup
0,20 €
0,20 €
Homemade extra spicy cheese sauce with jalapeños
0,60 €

Must haves...

Fried onions, without fat
0,30 €
Spicy onions, raw
0,30 €
Traditional braised onions Berlin-style
0,30 €
Fresh baked bread
0,30 €
Crispy roll
0,30 €

Our sausages and “Bouletten”

In the Wursterei you will find the best sausages of Berlin!

In the WURSTEREI you will find the best sausages of Berlin.

We offer both Berlin Currywurst versions: A pork sausage with skin (West-Berlin) and without skin (East-Berlin). Only, local meat in a high quality is used for our traditional sausages. Carefully adjusted recipes, natural herbs and sea salt create the delicious, original taste of our Currywurst, Thüringer Bratwurst and Bouletten. They are exclusively produced for the WURSTEREI. We never use MSG or Preservants in any product.

Enjoy your crispy, golden brown sausage, fresh from our lava stone grill.

Our French fries

Our French fries are made from fresh country potatoes. They are fried in vegetable oil of first-class quality. We flavour them we sea salt only, to intensify their natural taste.

Our spices and sauces

You like it hot…, or fruity and mild???          

Ourdifferent sauces and spices enable you to design your owndelicious Currywurst dish,exactly how you like it best.

Curry sauces

It has been a big challenge, to create our tasty sauces. With love and creativity we developed two different sauces, from fresh vegetable, fruits, tomato paste and natural spices. You can choose the mild and fruity “Berliner Currysauce”, or spice up your day with our hot alternative. Whatever you prefer, it will arise an explosion of flavours on your tongue.

Cheese sauce

The plan is to surprise every French fries lover. Our Cheese sauce lets dreams come true. The warm sauce intensifies the flavours of aromatic, powerful cheese mingled with hot and fruity Jalapenos. 

French fries with cheese sauce, topped with our crispy roasted onions… this meal will cheer up your day!


To create your perfect Currywurst, you need the perfect curry powder. Our four Variations are chosen and adjusted with love, to satisfy every different taste.

  • Mumbai: Our mildest Curry powder surprises with its floral taste and pleasant freshness. (For sensitive tongues)
  • Kashmir: This exotic mixture cause fireworks of flavour in your mouth. The powerful roasting and balanced adjustment of Chilli powders create its rich and spicy flavours. 
  • Goa: You will be delighted by its stimulating and tingling effect. (For lovers of hot and spicy food)
  • Dragon: It is very hot but extraordinary fruity, an explosion of flavour. (Extremely hot but not mean)

Mustard - A German Bratwurst is nothing without mustard…

You love the classic version? ...then you should enjoy our Wursterei Senf Classic. You are looking for new food experiences? ...then fall in love with our exclusively selected mustard specialties from the “Berlin Senfmanufaktur”. Choose between Jalapeno mustard, Curry-Honey mustard and Fig mustard.

The History of Currywurst


Currywurst is a fast food dish of German origin consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage. Typically it is cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup, a sauce based on spiced ketchup or tomato paste and topped with curry powder. Very often it is served with french fries.


In Germany we have a passionate discussion about the origin of Currywurst. Berlin and Hamburg, …both claim the invention of Currywurst for themselves.

People in Berlin don’t have any doubts: The Currywurst was invented in Berlin! In 1949, Herta Heuwer sold a steamed and fried sausage, topped with her own sauce cration for the very first time. After she obtained ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder from British soldiers in Germany, she mixed these ingredients with other spices and poured it over grilled pork sausage. Heuwer started selling the cheap but filling snack at a street stand in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, where it became popular with construction workers, rebuilding the devastated city. She patented her sauce under the name "Chillup" in 1959. At its height the stand was selling 10,000 servings per week. She later opened a small restaurant which operated until 1974.

In 2003 a plaque was installed in Charlottenburg, (Kantstasse 101) Berlin, where Herta Heuwer is said to have invented the currywurst.

The citizens of Hamburg still reject Berlin as the origin of currywurst. They refer to literature: In his novel, “Die Entdeckung der Currywurst” (“The Invention of Curried Sausage”), the author “Uwe Timm”, deals with the invention of the Currywurst. His fictional protagonist, Lena Brückner, creates and sells Currywurst in 1947, in Hamburg, at Großneumarkt, for the very first time. “The plot, based on Timm’s” childhood memories, presents an alternative but unproven theory that currywurst was invented in Hamburg. The city of Hamburg, even installed a plaque at Großneumarkt, Hamburg, for Timm’s protoganist, Lena Brückner.

The “Deutsches Currywurst Museum” estimates that 800 million currywursts are eaten every year in Germany, with 70 million in Berlin alone.

The currywurst is an icon of German popular culture. Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is a noted fan of currywurst. By tradition, every candidate for the mayor of Berlin is photographed at a currywurst stand.

The song "Currywurst" on Herbert Grönemeyer's 1982 album “Total Egal” is a tribute to the snack.

The 1993 novel, “Die Entdeckung der Currywurst”, by “Uwe Timm” was made into a 1998 play and a 2008 film both of the same name. The plot is based on an alternative but unproven theory that currywurst was invented in Hamburg.

The Deutsches Currywurst Museum opened in Berlin on August 15, 2009, commemorating the 60th anniversary of its creation. Curator Martin Loewer said "No other national German dish inspires so much history and has so many well-known fans". The museum receives approximately 350,000 visitors annually.

Our spices and sauces

Our different sauces and spices enable you to design your own delicious Currywurst dish, exactly how you like it best.

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